Maroola eBay Services

  • Specialist eBay marketplace consultancy, from small to enterprise level sellers, ask about day / project rates.
  • eBay enterprise specialist 'on-boarding' and project management.
  • Want someone to do it for you? Ask about simple percentage on sale models.
  • Advice and recommendation on:-
       ▫   Listing tools and integration's to eBay.
       ▫   Design Solutions and ways to enhance traffic / conversions.
       ▫   Website platforms and integrations with eBay.
       ▫   Start up strategy to Top Rated seller improvements.

Why Choose Maroola?

I’ve spent nearly 8 years in the eBay and e-commerce industry, starting off with Frooition when it was still in nappies as a ‘Titanium Powerseller’. Having spoken to thousands of small medium and large companies as a consultant, when it comes to establishing and running an eBay businesses and selling online, I reckon I know everything there is to know!

I’ve set up and launched on eBay some of the most successful enterprise companies such as Littlewoods, Dial-a-phone and Screwfix. More recently I’ve also worked closely with the eBay UK Enterprise team in on-boarding many 'Enterprise level' clients like House of Fraser, Joe Browns and Speedo (plus a heap in Australia too). I’m well connected to many suppliers in the industry and have an in depth understand their products and services.

I can help you achieve your ‘marketplace’ objectives or improve your business with my knowledge, experience and contacts - like recommending which listing platform to use as well as the most appropriate integration methods.

I’m a ‘make it happen’ person with a bee in my bonnet about efficiency and organisation. I’ll work with you to make this flourish!

Andrew Main - Owner of Maroola

Andrew Main - Owner

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